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Jerry Lorenzo launched Fear of God, an independent premium apparel brand based in Los Angeles, in 2013. Producing classic, wearable clothing, the brand’s unique take on the American expression has come to represent modern culture.

Jerry Lorenzo Manuel Jr: The Founder Of Essentials

Jerry Lorenzo Manuel Jr. is a notable figure in the fashion industry and is the creative mind behind the brand “Essentials.” This note explores his background, achievements, and the impact of Essentials Hoodie on the fashion world.

Early Life And Background:

Jerry Lorenzo Manuel Jr. was born in Sacramento, California, on October 5, 1977. His upbringing in a family deeply rooted in sports and entertainment significantly influenced his creative journey. His father, Jerry Manuel, managed Major League Baseball teams, and his grandfather was a respected musician. These familial ties to both sports and the arts sparked his interest in a wide range of cultural influences, which later played a crucial role in shaping his unique approach to fashion.

Career Path:

Nike And Struggles:

Jerry Lorenzo began his career at Nike, a major player in the sports and athletic industry. His role as a marketing manager for Nike’s basketball division provided him with valuable experience but also exposed him to the challenges of working within a corporate framework. Lorenzo’s creative spirit often clashed with the corporate environment, leading him to seek a more independent path in fashion.

Fear Of God: The Breakthrough:

In 2013, Jerry Lorenzo launched “Fear of God,” his first foray into the world of fashion. The brand made waves in the industry due to its distinctive blend of streetwear and high-end fashion elements. Lorenzo’s commitment to quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and a minimalist aesthetic resonated with a new generation of fashion-conscious consumers. Fear of God Essentials hoodie quickly became a sought-after label in the world of contemporary streetwear, establishing Lorenzo as a rising star in the fashion scene.

Essentials: A New Direction:

Building on the success of Fear of God, Lorenzo introduced “Essentials” as a complementary brand that offered a more accessible and affordable line of everyday wear. Essentials focuses on providing scrap my car staple pieces such as hoodies, sweatpants, and T-shirts, making high-quality basics accessible to a wider audience. This strategic move allowed Lorenzo to reach a broader market, emphasizing that fashion can be both stylish and affordable.

Impact On Fashion:

Redefining Streetwear:

Jerry Lorenzo’s creative vision redefined streetwear by blending elements of luxury fashion with the aesthetics of the street. His designs emphasize comfort, quality, and style, challenging the traditional boundaries of streetwear. The Fear of God and Essentials brands have become synonymous with a new era of street fashion that prioritizes refined, yet accessible, clothing.

Influence On Celebrity Fashion:

Celebrities have played a crucial role in popularizing Fear of God and Essentials. Notable figures like Kanye West, and Justin Bieber, and athletes such as LeBron James have been frequently seen wearing Lorenzo’s creations. These endorsements solidify the brand’s status as a fashion choice embraced by some of the most influential figures in entertainment and sports, significantly impacting fashion trends.

Accessible Luxury:

Essentials embodies the concept of “affordable luxury.” It bridges the gap between high-end fashion and everyday basics, offering consumers well-crafted, quality clothing at more accessible price points. This approach has made style attainable for a more extensive range of individuals who appreciate the fusion of luxury and comfort.


Jerry Lorenzo Manuel Jr.’s journey from his early life influences to his remarkable success in the fashion industry, particularly through Essentials and Fear of God, highlights his innovative and transformative impact. His dedication to quality, distinctive aesthetic, and commitment to making fashion accessible have redefined contemporary streetwear. By offering style that combines comfort and luxury at more affordable prices, Lorenzo has expanded the horizons of fashion, making it inclusive and appealing to a diverse audience.

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